60 Minutes Agreement

At the end of the clip, Trump complains to Stahl about his questions for several minutes and says, “That`s no way to talk.” In the interview publication, Trump and the White House violated a deal with CBS News that the White House granted the interview “only for archival purposes,” said a network source with knowledge of the interview. “The White House`s unprecedented decision to disrecit its agreement with CBS News and release its recordings will not prevent `60 Minutes` from providing their full, fair and contextual coverage involving presidents for decades,” CBS said in a statement. “For the sake of precision on the cover, I plan to publish my 60-minute interview with Lesley Stahl, PRIOR TO AIRTIME!” Trump tweeted about the interview that was scheduled for Sunday and asked people to compare it to biden interviews. In the mid-1980s, an edited version (for about 30 minutes) of the American show 60 Minutes, entitled “60 Minutes: CBS in Dritten” (“60 Minutes: CBS on Channel 3”), was broadcast temporarily on West German television. This version retained the English soundtrack of the original, but it also contained German subtitles. President Trump violated a deal with CBS News on Thursday and released the White House tap with “60 Minutes,” three days before the expected Sunday broadcast on CBS. Trump narrowed the interview, CBS News host Norah O`Donnell confirmed Tuesday night, when The New York Times and CNN announced that he had ended “suddenly” after 45 minutes and refused to do a walk-and-talk alongside Vice President Mike Pence. CBS News, a department of ViacomCBS Inc. and the network that broadcasts 60 Minutes, blasted Trump`s “unprecedented decision” to ignore a deal to keep the recordings secret, but said the move would not prevent the show from “providing the full, fair and contextual coverage that presidents have participated in for decades.” After President Trump threatened to publish a “60 Minutes” interview that he abruptly ended before scheduled airtime, CBS News told Forbes that such a move would break a White House deal for the interview. The full exchange, which lasts about 37 minutes, was taped Tuesday at the White House and contains questions from correspondent Insekoron Lesley Stahl about Trump`s response to the pandemic, the economy and the unconfirmed claim that his campaign was “spit out” by the Obama administration in addition to other topics. “You have to be careful what you do with 60 minutes. You`re going to get such a crush,” Trump said Tuesday at a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, in front of supporters. You`re going to kick out. Lesley Stahl won`t be happy. On December 1, 2013, the show (delayed by 50 minutes due to a broncos-Kansas City Chiefs game) was watched by 18.09 million viewers, maintaining 66% of their LEAD in the NFL (which earned 28.11 million viewers during the 7.m p.m).

[42] Trump was interviewed Tuesday by Stahl at the White House, but abruptly ended the interview after 45 minutes and refused to participate in a walk-and-talk project in which Vice President Pence also allegedly participated. Later that day, he said on Twitter that he was considering publishing a copy of the White House video interview “so that everyone gets a glimpse of the purpose of a fake and BIASED interview.” “Lesley, a second, we are – this is the first warning,” the man said.