Bma Caval Ridge Enterprise Agreement

“This is a good result for our members and we are pleased that the replacement agreement implies better job security while respecting the terms of the previous agreement. Not only do the agreements pay about $30,000 less per year than BHP`s current agreements for the Bowen Basin coal mines, but they also allow workers to be transferred to one of the company`s coal or metal mines in Australia at any time. They do not offer compensation for accidents and make workers less well off when it comes to leave and layoffs. CFMEU announced today that new employment contracts, developed in secret by the giant coal multinational BHP, are expected to drive down wages in Queensland`s coal industry. “BHP has tried to remove or reduce many of the terms of the 2012 agreement by attacking workplace representation, litigation ability, accommodation costs, bonus rules, wages and job security.” It should not have taken so long and BHP would not have acted reasonably at first. The negotiations were very difficult and time-consuming. But in the end, the reason prevailed and we are satisfied with the agreement reached; This is an improvement for our members. Over time, BHP plans to change its coal workers in central Queensland from existing settlement agreements negotiated by unions and move to operating services agreements that pay about $30,000 less a year, said Stephen Smyth, president of CFMEU Mining and Energy Queensland. The CFMEU questions the validity of two new enterprise agreements submitted to the Fair Work Commission, involving the $1 shelf companies, who are wholly owned by BHP. The proposed employment is admirably short and written in the kind of plain English that BHP tried unsuccessfully to impose the union agreement that characterized the former employment agreements at BMA. And one of the things that is clear is that workers who work in-house need to be flexible about where they work and the function they actually perform. Initially, the company attempted to completely de-polish the terms of the 2012 agreement and to enter into a separate agreement for Blackwater mine workers on much less favourable terms. “BHP initially wanted to enter into two separate enterprise agreements, with different terms and conditions.

We believe that this approach was only intended to undermine the ability of these workers to meet fair conditions. The main effect of the long-term plan that is being put in place is that new permanent employees employed in BHP`s main Australian operations will earn less than those employed under the permanent enterprise agreement, such as the one who organizes the terms and compensation at BMA.