Endless Space Cooperation Agreement

Treaties are the main means of negotiation between empires and are divided into two major groups: diplomatic treaties and diplomatic declarations. Diplomatic treaties are generally beneficial to one or both sides and involve things such as entering peace or establishing a ceasefire, but require that both sides agree that they can enter into force. Therefore, diplomatic treaties can be negotiated and may have to be negotiated with additional offers of other conditions for both empires in order to consider the terms as acceptable. However, diplomatic declarations are not open to negotiations and simply come into force as soon as the Empire making the declaration pays the costs of influence. Statements are made on their own and do not have additional conditions. Relationships with smaller civilizations are much easier to manage than with larger ones. First, you need to unlock the technologies from the basic phase of Empire`s development. Each galaxy has many random fractions. They have only one planet and its population is based on the dominant race of a certain faction. This piece is neutral, but it also creates fleets of pirates that attack everyone. Using such a system near your borders should be one of your main goals. If you want to negotiate, you should accumulate a lot of points of influence.

The better your relationships with a small group, the more resources and manpower they offer you. Assimilation of a faction offers you, in addition to the control of a system and a population, a special assimilation attribute that affects your entire empire. A system can be assimilated in two diplomatic ways, or you can simply declare a war and continue with an invasion. The cooperation agreement is a diplomatic action that must first be explored. Once explored, your empire can offer a cooperation contract to another empire. If accepted, for the first 15 rounds, all trade routes in both empires will take punishment. For the next 15 rounds, trade routes will return to normal, and the next 15 laps, all trade routes in both empires will receive a massive bonus on the amount of dust and science produced. The Cold War state will prevent any movement on the territory of another player. However, if one of your fleets crosses an enemy`s territory, it becomes stuck or vulnerable to attack. You must either declare war or offer an Open Border agreement to be able to act with this fleet.

I started playing an endless space and, while contenting myself with most of the game, I neglect diplomacy, because it is totally useless: if you have good relations with other civilizations, you can receive a message about a trade or scientific collaboration. If you make such an offer, it is generally accepted. If you feel powerful or are in a good relationship, you can ask or ask for something. In the diplomacy screen, you can see your current state and your relationship level (blue or red bars). You can also click on another civilization to see their relationship with you. This can be useful if you are looking for a friend or an enemy. At the very beginning, I must say that diplomacy in the final space is not decisive and is not as important as in the series of wars.