Gcu Student Partnership Agreement

The agreement covers major topics related to student feedback from student surveys, feedback forums and existing university initiatives, which are jointly involved by ANU, ANUSA and PARSA. Students and staff are proactive in identifying what works and what doesn`t work in terms of the student experience, to ensure that student engagement is accessible to all students, we encourage participation in a wide range of opportunities. You can participate in relatively fast activities, for example. B.dem fill out questionnaires for module evaluation or provide feedback to class staff, or you can have more in-depth participation, for example. B play a role of student representative or participate in processes of academic quality. All levels of student engagement are valuable and contribute to the individual and collective voice of students. The partnership agreement aims to improve students` ability to provide feedback on our university experience. These priorities and actions will be at the heart of our joint activities and will be used to assess and assess the impact of our partnership work. When academic programs are audited at the GCU, the panel aims to meet with a group of current students and graduates to hear your views. If you have been invited as a current or graduate student to participate in a program review, you can learn more about the issues by reading this brief document: Program Authorization and Verification – Student Information. – accolade and respect for the diversity of the student community and staff of the GCU and ensure equal opportunities for the voices of all who are heard.

The Student Engagement Action Group (SAGE) is a committee of the GCU Students` Association, which aims to enable students to truly participate in learning, teaching and quality improvement, as well as a broader student experience. SAGE works closely with the relevant university committees to highlight education issues and address more students with changes. GCU students with a major other than social work apply as regular permanent students.