Structuring And Drafting Partnership Agreements

This CLE/CPE webinar will guide corporate and tax advisors in the various methods of structuring the rules for distribution of waterfalls in LLC and partnership contracts. The panel will look at a wide range of economic and fiscal considerations, such as. B timing and types of distributions (including tax distributions), methods of setting priority returns (internal returns v.s., preferential benefit), interest-bearing/promotional calculations, capital transfers, relationships between allocation and allocation rules, and interaction between the new IRS partnership review rules and water distribution cases. Distribution waterfall provisions are essential to ensure that distributions match the content of the agreement between the partners. Structuring the rules for waterfalls requires an understanding of payment priorities, economic conditions, tax impact and the impact of the new IRS Partnership Review Rules. In the LLC and partnership agreements, the waterfall provisions are highly negotiated clauses that outline the priority of cash and assets to be distributed among members and partners of the company. Ms. Schwartz focuses her practice on structuring, creating and operating private equity funds, including buyout funds, venture capital funds, mezzanine funds, troubled funds and real estate funds. She represents both fund sponsors and investors in her practice. In addition to supporting fund sponsors in their internal management arrangements, succession planning and the creation of internal investment and co-investment vehicles, she has extensive experience with institutional investors and regularly advises clients on investment fund market conditions. She also advises private equity funds on their holdings and the sale of holding companies and the establishment of capitalcall lines of credit. The third edition was written by internationally recognized experts in the areas of taxation and partnership planning, structuring and partnership agreement development: including LLC agreements, it provides specialized advice on all aspects of the design of tax agreements related to partnerships and partnership CONTRATS.