Usaa Debit Card Agreement

Until this morning, when I set up the USAA application and realized that another set of charges had been upheld. Pretty safe — they were made with the debit card cancelled. I spent almost an hour with USAA on the phone before going to work – unfortunately, mostly waiting – and tried to get the rep who was helping me out several times a day. “Well, I understand why it would be frustrating,” she replied. “And I don`t know why it was never solved. But I can tell you that I just spent part of my day closing the debit card and separating it from your current account. But before I let her go, I asked why I would believe her. “I`m not accusing you,” I said. “They were very helpful. But this is the third time I have had this conversation with an USAA representative who assured me that the card had been cancelled and could no longer be used. So why should I believe that this time it`s different? She agreed that this was not my fault, and that yes, it was unreasonable for USAA not to appreciate it sooner. And she apologized exuberantly, but also mentioned that no one was sure why this should happen. The card was due to be cancelled in July — its systems agreed.

But it wasn`t for some reason. It`s a breakdown. But it was cancelled. A few days later, they still had not appeared. I was almost sure they had been stolen from our mailbox. I called USAA to speak to a very friendly representative. He cancelled the existing debit card numbers and issued replacement cards with new numbers and sent them with a signature to my work address. They showed up a few days later, and it continued. That`s strange. The representative promised to suspend them, cancel the card (again) and expect the money to be returned to our account within a few business days. Have I authorized these transactions? No I didn`t do it.

They were made with the card that we never received in July. The old number we were told would no longer work. When I called USAA, the very excusable representative was not sure of the reason for the transaction, but it was probably a compensation from Spokeo.