Agreement For Financial Advisory Services

This agreement shall govern the business relationship between [Sender.Company] and [Client.Company]. [Sender.Company] provides financial advisory services for [Client.Company] during the term of this Agreement, in accordance with the rates and conditions set forth below. The Client undertakes to make available to the Adviser all existing financial documents relating to the Client`s operations, including financial statements (but not limited to) profit and loss accounts, etc. Subject to the conditions set out therein, MCC`s services include, among others, management consulting services, review of the financial situation of the company and forecasts of the company`s capital needs, analysis of the pro forma impact of financing on these forecasts, advice on methods of structuring financing, assistance to the company in the speech and negotiation of the company. r hereby declares that it will ensure compliance with all applicable finance laws. Given our aforementioned services, MCC has the right to obtain from the effective date and Global agrees to pay MCC: if one of the parties must take legal action to enforce this agreement or remedy the violations of the other party, the winning party is entitled to a full refund of all attorneys` fees in connection with such legal proceedings. including lawyers` fees incurred in the course of such acts and proceedings. The duration of this advisory contract for financial services is [contract.years] years. The Parties agree that this Agreement of 22 August 2003 embodies the entire Agreement and Understanding entered into by the Parties and supersedes all prior Agreements and that there is no agreement or arrangement between the Parties, except as otherwise provided in this Agreement. All amendments to the agreement must be reduced in writing, signed by both parties and annexed to the agreement in order to be effective. All messages required by the terms of this agreement are sent by registered letter or e-mail to the following addresses: The advisor is at no time considered an employee, representative or partner of the client. The advisor does not have the power or power to enter into additional contracts or agreements on behalf of the client at any time. The failure of either Party to maintain or enforce any aspect of the Financial Advisory Agreement shall not be deemed a waiver of subsequent failures to comply with the full scope of this Agreement.

With respect to MCC`s activities on behalf of the Company, the Company will continue to provide MCC with all information relating to the Business that MCC reasonably deems appropriate and will provide MCC with appropriate access to the Company`s accountants and consultants. The Company and its officers declare that all information relating to the Company, including, but not in the Annual Accounts of the Enterprise, provided by MCC by the Enterprise, is complete and accurate in all essential respects and does not contain false statements about an essential fact or refrain from indicating an essential fact; which is necessary to prevent the statements it contains from being misleading. . . .