Apu Articulation Agreement

If you`re just starting out in a junior college, you can use an articulation agreement to plan your path toward conclusion. By knowing which courses will transfer to your desired university, you can selectively choose the courses you want to take before making the jump. Course-to-course articulation agreements identify courses at a sending institution that are comparable or “acceptable” with courses appropriate for traditional bachelor`s programmes at the APU. These include general education requirements and primary or secondary requirements. If you have any questions, contact the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center. By observing the courses listed in the articulation agreements between SBVC and the University of Choice for Transfer, students can avoid double internships, reduce education expenses for university credits, and obtain advanced training. If you take the courses on the list for your main subject at an independent/private university of your choice, students from that university can enter the main subject without having to repeat the lower division courses in the main subject. If you want to transfer schools using an articulation agreement, here you will find some tips for success: if you are working to get a bachelor`s degree but are starting your higher education in a junior college, articulation agreements can serve as a valuable roadmap in helping you stay on the path to conclusion. Are you interested in seeing what courses are offered between Azusa Pacific University and more than 100 California junior colleges? Check out the current APU agreements and apply today. We welcome all graduates of the community university. Some community colleges have agreements with APUs that reconcile the associated degrees acquired with certain bachelor`s degree programs for maximum transfer credits.

Find out if we have an agreement with your school. In addition, all Community College graduates can submit a transfer credit assessment and automatically earn up to 30 general education points simply because they have earned an AA or AS degree. If you`re thinking about moving from a junior college to a university, you should do some research first. Fortunately, many schools offer articulation agreements – and want to provide students with the information they need. Articulation agreements are essentially contracts that define the courses that are given directly between a junior college and a university. These agreements are specific to each school and can assure students that the general education courses (as well as the specific main and secondary courses) they take at a junior college can be charged to their four-year degree at a partner university. Please note that the transfer agreement with the Los Angeles Film School only applies to ONE-WAY of SBVC. Click on accreditation agencies for more information. If you want to move from one school to another, you need to familiarize yourself with how each transfer process works.

Here`s a look at what articulation agreements are, how to find them, and why they`re a valuable tool when you`re considering closing. San Bernardino Valley College has joint agreements with many independent universities in California and out of state. Articulation agreements identify courses taken at one institution that meet the requirements of another institution in terms of main preparation, general education and transfer. The agreement between schools can significantly help students by minimizing the time (and money) they spend at university. It also allows students to avoid similar courses as soon as they move to university. Choose a Community College or University of California to display an articulation agreement: Once you understand your school`s agreements, you can work with your admissions counselors to ensure a smooth transfer. Life Pacific University`s biblical studies program, chaired by Professor Mark Duzik, has secured an articulation agreement with Azusa Pacific Seminary (SPG). The agreement allows LPU graduates with a B.A. degree Of Life Pacific University to apply authorized courses (see below) in order to meet the requirements for masters of the Azusa Pacific Seminary. .

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