Community Circle Agreements

One of the main challenges groups face when working in a classroom or workplace are misunderstandings and misinterpretations or values, needs and expectations. How a person defines “respect” can be radically different from what can lead to unmet expectations and conflicts. For this reason, community agreements and value exploration circles are such an important tool for your classroom or team. These circles take a deep look at what your group is trying to accomplish, what you have brought together to work on or consider certain values and needs that exist in the group. Participants can then share what they need from each other or explore how to define specific values and needs in the context of what your team or students are doing together. This process of building empathy clarifies misunderstandings and creates a foundation that helps people reach agreements on needs or identify specific needs and values that may need to be addressed in more depth with future circular practices. During this training, you will learn how to design an online community agreement and evaluate exploration circles by obtaining a framework and examples of activities that simplify the planning and direction process. This training will also provide more specific problem-solving strategies to facilitate these online practices. You`ll find examples of community agreement circles and resources to design a variety of you to meet your classroom or employment needs. Fear of not being able to create a secure online sharing environment without circular tools such as a talking room and centerpiece Go through the steps of circle design to create your own circle of agreement or values by using our new relationship Building Design Guide for online circles and keeping it for all your future circles! Restorative Judicial Circles (Circles) offer community members the opportunity to unite to address harmful behaviors in a process that studies the harms and needs, commitments, and commitments needed.

Discover first-hand how Community Agreements and Values Exploration Circles are facilitated. One of our restorative practitioners guides you through the experience of CircleUp Education`s specially developed online framework between teams caused by differences in culture, values, beliefs, and work styles Learn all about components, “online community agreements,” and “Values Exploration Circles Circles” for inclusive and engaging virtual participants What are the benefits of using circles to resolve complaints? The circles bring all parties together to meet, talk about what happened and agree on a plan to repair the damage. . . .