Diverse Agreement Meaning

(b) exclude any liability to the Customer for all costs, expenses, losses and damages suffered, directly or indirectly, by the Customer under this Contract, whether or not such liability arises from a contract, an unlawful act or a law; and (a) Subject to clause 17.1(f), any dispute that arises between the parties under this Agreement (dispute) shall be dealt with in accordance with the requirements of this clause 17, before either party is entitled to bring proceedings against the other party with respect to the dispute. The other party in a marriage could claim that the separation agreement was signed by them under undue influence or coercion. So also pay attention to these future effects if you plan to sign a separation agreement. India`s current youth are well aware of their rights and duties. Staying on the safer side of the law is the requirement of the hour. The subsistence clause of a separation agreement must be carefully designed. If the dispute is not resolved in accordance with clause 17.1(c) within 30 days of the other party`s receipt of the dispute resolution communication, the parties agree to participate in private mediation with a mediator appointed by the appointed officer or both parties and, in the absence of agreement, within 7 days of the Mediator President`s disagreement, or person in a similar office of the Institute of Resolution….